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Piotr Bajor
The eastern dimension of the north atlantic treaty organization

Artur Gruszczak
European borders in turbulent times: the case of the central Mediterranean ‘extended borderland’

Arkadiusz Nyzio
The second revival? The visegrád group and the european migrant crisis in 2015-2017

Robert Kłosowicz
Military forces and police in dysfunctional states of Sub-Saharan Africa

Mariusz Ruszel
Strategic goals of energy security policy of the federal republic of Germany

Paweł Frankowski
Outer space and private companies consequences for global security

Tomasz Młynarski
The role of the international atomic energy agency in maintaining nuclear peace and non-proliferation regime in the 21st century

Marcin Szymański
‘Disturbing potential’: military operations in social media domain

Piotr Siudak
Redefining cybersecurity through processual ontology of the cyberspace

Mateusz Kolaszyński
Constitutional status of polish intelligence services since 1989 – intelligence vs. the police

Marek Czajkowski
Ballistic missile defence – technology, effectiveness and organization – key issues

Tomasz Pugacewicz
Missile defense roles in the post-cold war U.S. strategy

Robert Wężowicz
Missile defense and polish security

Marcin Grabowski
Attracted by the dragon or the eagle? Will China or the U.S. prevail in the Asia-Pacific in the 21st century? Review essay of Enrico Fels shifting power in Asia-Pacific? The rise of China, sino-us competition and regional middle power allegiance