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Magdalena Kazimierczak
Beer jars from Tell el-Murra graves seasons 2011–2015

Sakura Sanada
A classification system for pottery shape at prehistoric sites in Lower Egypt

Maciej Pawlikowski, Edyta Słowioczek
Test results of fine sediment fractions from the Tell el-Farkha archaeological site, Nile Delta, Egypt

Tomasz Scholl
Early Greek fortifications in the territory of the later Bosporan cities

Matthew P. Maher
Mapping mistakes: the cartographic confusion of ancient Kleitor

Wawrzyniec Miścicki
Both sides matter? Reading Greek vases using pictorial semiotics. The problem of syntagmatic and paradigmatic relations of the image

Agata Kubala
A Greek fibula in the collection of the Archaeological Museum in Wrocław

Stella Drougou
The bronze calyx-krater from the ‘Heuzey B’ tomb at Vergina (ancient Aigai)

Craig Barker
Some initial observations on a building excavated on Fabrika in Nea Paphos in Cyprus by the Australian archaeological mission

Paweł Ćwiąkała, Karolina Matwij, Wojciech Matwij, Łukasz Miszk, Weronika Winiarska
Integration of 2D and TLS data using GIS to create a database for the Paphos Agora Project

Tomasz Kalicki, Joanna Krupa, Sławomir Chwałek
Geoarchaeological studies in Paphos – first results

Maciej Wacławik
The symbolic meaning of the acorn – a possible interpretation