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Roman Ingarden in Recollections

 This book is the important element of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Roman Ingarden’s death in 2020. This half-century includes the earlier anniversaries of births and deaths, marked by occasional conferences and book publications. Perhaps the time has come to approach Ingarden in a different way, not through the many complex elements of his system, but through the features of his intellectual and emotional image that emerges from the memories of those around him. Maybe by reviving the very figure of this eminent Polish humanist, his philosophy will also once again come to live. The philosopher is depicted here through the recollections of his students who participated in his academic activities in the years 1957-1963. 

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Chciałem tylko napisać, że przyjemna ta Wasza strona. Z łatwością znalazłem co chciałem i książki przyszły na czas. Trzymajcie tak dalej!

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