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Golden Epochs and dark Ages. Perspectives on the Past

Anna ed. Antonowicz, Tomasz ed. Niedokos

Wydawnictwo KUL, 2016
Stron: 236
ISBN: 9788380613171


Anna ed. Antonowicz, Tomasz ed. Niedokos

Wydawnictwo KUL, 2016


Stron: 236

ISBN: 9788380613171


Introduction: Changing Values in History and Periodisation
Anna Antonowicz and Tomasz Niedokos

Part 1: Alternative Pasts: critical returns and fetishising nostalgias

The Mirror and the Wand: Historical Epochs in Contemporary Film Adaptations of British Literature
Barbara Klonowska

Dreams of Steam: Fetishising an Age of Industry in Contemporary Steampunk Cinema
Robbie mcAllister

Angela Carter's Magic Real Herstory: Nights at the Circus
Rajesh Bharvad

Part 2: Dichotomous visions: myths, dreams and realities

A Myth of O'Connor and O'Faolain”: The Paradoxes of Irish Experience in the 1940s and 1950s
Benjamin Keatinge

John McGahern's Ireland: A Split Portrait
Grace Ledwidge

Downton Abbey: A Golden Age or Social Mobility in Reverse?
Jane M. Ekstam

Airships and Automata: Steampunking History in the Long Nineteenth Century
Jeanette Atkinson

Part 3: Cultural value and visibility: foundational relationships and mainstream acceptances

A 'Dark' Period in the Seventeenth Century: Drama in the Caroline Age
Cristina Paravano

The Golden Age(s) of British Illustration
Maxime Leroy

Medieval Wales in Modern Germany: Martin Buber Translates the Mabinogi
Aled Llion Jones

Cognitive Strategies of Realist, Modernist and Postmodern Fiction
Joanna Klara Teske

Against Logophilia - Contemporary Anglo-American Multimodal Literature and its Methods of Going Against Language as the Narrative Medium
Wiolleta Anna Chabko

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