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Politeja 2016, nr 44: Human Values in Intercultural Space

From the Editors

Bogdan Szlachta
Problems of cultural rights

Leszek Korporowicz
Intercultural Space

Rahul Peter Das
Ruminations on Literature in a Globalised Context

Andrzej Dudek
On Some Aspects of Word, Image and Human Values as Reflected by Russian Orthodox Icons and Western Religious Paintings

Tomasz Gacek
Human Values Expressed. An Example of the Application of Linguistic Analysis in the Study of Human Values Terminology in the Tajik Language

Beata Klocek di Biasio, Bohdan Michalski
The Myth of Europe in Art and European Identities. The Divided Memory of Europe – Will Europe Succumb to Disintegration ?

Paweł Siwiec
Standard Arabic – core value or value added?

Marcin Brocki
The Problem of Universal Values and Intercultural Space – New /Old Predicament of Anthropology

Leon Dyczewski
Values – the Core of Culture

Łukasz Gacek
Confucian Way of Tan Kah Kee: Pursue Excellence, Strive for Perfection

Sylwia Jaskuła
Information Culture in Intercultural Space. Moderation of values

Hubert Królikowski
Modern military strategy and its founders: Sun Tzu, Carl von Clausewitz and Andre Beaufre

Józef Łucyszyn
Axiological sources of social order according to Paweł Włodkowic

Tadeusz Paleczny
Transgression as a Result of Cultural Contact

Dorota Rudnicka-Kassem
Searching for a New Identity: Muslims in Western Europe

Margaret J. Secombe
Core Values and Human Values in Intercultural Space

Tobiasz Targosz
Burmese Culture during the Colonial Period in the Years 1885-1931. The World of Burmese Values in Reaction to the Inclusion of Colonialism