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Politeja 2012, nr 20_1: Mobility of cultures

red. Bogdan Szlachta

Wydawnictwo: Księgarnia Akademicka, 2012
Stron: 196
Politeja, 20/1
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Autor: red. Bogdan Szlachta

Wydawnictwo: Księgarnia Akademicka, 2012

Politeja, 20/1


Stron: 196


 With great joy we present to the readers the new, twentieth issue of Politeja: The Journal of the Faculty of International and Political Studies of the Jagiellonian University. It is a celebratory issue, published in a similar colour layout as the tenth, and likewise containing the presentation of the current structure and staff of the Faculty. Both volumes have two parts. The volume presented here is, however, special since it shows, both in English and in Polish, an important section of the problems studied by many Faculty members whose research focuses on cultural studies including regional approaches, diverse cultures and their historical entanglements.

Variety and diversity are two of the determinants of their research, incorporated into the project which they entitled “Jagiellonian Cultural Studies.” The name of the project highlights the tradition of our University, and especially emphasizes possibility of combining these two determinants in our Faculty’s studies, which are important for modern research and yet are conducted in accordance with the spirit of two eminent scholars of our University, Stanislaus of Skarbimierz (patron of the Faculty) and Paweł Włodkowic. The work of the latter is the reference point for the authors of “Jagiellonian Cultural Studies” as the identification of the need to see human dignity in every person was one of the achievements of Włodkowic, Rector of the Krakow Academy in the fifteenth century. 

Bogdan Szlachta, Editor’s Note /3
Leszek Korporowicz, Jagiellonian Cultural Studies. Preface /7
Dominique Bouchet, Cross-Cultural Communication and the Continuity
of Cultures. The Role of Intercultural Dialogue /25
Leon Dyczewski, The New Structure of the Intensification of the Cultures’ Mobility /39
Tadeusz Paleczny, The Identity of Cultural Transfer /49
Sylwia Jaskuła, New Forms of Mobility in the World of Virtualization and Mediatization of Cultures /71
Elżbieta Rekłajtis, Mobility of Religion and Values in the Conditions of Globalization /89
Volodymyr Yevtukh, Intercultural Dialogue: Efficient Construct of the Integrative Development of Polyethnic Societies /111
Adam W. Jelonek, The Dynamics of Ethno-religious Separatism in Southern Thailand /133
Iwona Sobieraj, Intercultural Competences and Identity. Analysis Using the Example of Migrating Students from Silesia /153
Rafał Wi¶niewski, Towards Educational Mobility: Two Types of Institutional Support in Intracultural Perspective /169
Faculty of International and Political Studies of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków /187